The Problem

It is often critical paramedics begin delivering fluid and medication to the patient before they reach the hospital.  In most cases, the preferred method of fluid delivery is through an IV, however in an emergency situation this can be very difficult.  If the paramedic fails to place the IV after several attempts they must make the decision to either let the patient go without fluids or turn to more invasive fluid delivery methods such as IO.


The Solution

Our company has developed a novel technology designed to increase IV placement success.  The soon to be patented technology helps ensure the catheter is placed in the proper position of the vein and mitigates the risk of misplacement.  We are currently commercializing the technology into a low cost portable medical device.   

The Process

We are involving paramedics throughout the entire product development process in order to create medical devices designed specifically to suite their needs.  If you or your station are interested in becoming a part of this process please reach out to us through our contact page.

Paramedic Team